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Welcome to the Department of Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods. Our goal is twofold: first, to provide the foundational quantitative skills that are necessary for all students in business to succeed; and second, to prepare the next generation for successful careers in one of the fastest-growing job segments today: Information Technology. 

To achieve this goal the department offers a balance between technical and managerial curriculum with an emphasis on business applications. It provides students with a broad understanding of business, a competence in computer programming, and a strong foundation in modern computing paradigms. Our graduates are solving today’s business problems using technology.

Our CISQM graduates are some of the most sought after and pursue careers as:

  • application developers
  • digital-business solution developers
  • information systems managers
  • systems analysts
  • enterprise system architects 
  • database administrators 
  • network administrators
  • information security analysts
  • IT integrators

Graduates work for technology companies, government agencies, accounting firms, oil companies, financial institutions, retail firms and manufacturing corporations.


The mission of the Department of Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods is to provide optimal educational opportunities to students wishing to pursue professional careers in information systems, information technology and decision sciences.

The department strives to create an environment for preparing individuals for a lifetime of learning and growth by offering the state-of-the-art curriculum that provides a strong foundation in the concepts of information systems as applied to both private and public sectors.

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